About the Project

The "Czech Historical Atlas" project falls under the Program of applied research and development in national and cultural identity (NAKI II) of the Czech Ministry of Culture for the years 2016-2020.

Project ID: DG16P02H010

Consortium of grantees

Grantee-coordinator: The Institute of History, Czech Academy of Science, v. v. i.

Main Investigator: prof. PhDr. Eva Semotanová, DrSc.

Grantee: Czech Technical University in Prague – Faculty of Civil Engineering

Main Investigator: doc. Ing. Jiří Cajthaml, Ph.D.

The project comes as a result of collaboration between the Institute of History CAS and the Department of Geomatics FCE CTU in Prague on the historical atlas cartography implemented within the Academic Atlas of Czech History (2014) and other historical cartographic works. The Academic Atlas of Czech History received numerous awards (e.g. Magnesia Litera 2015).

Expected main outputs of the project:

  • Electronic map portal on Czech history within international circumstances, created as a web map application using the latest GIS technologies. It will involve tools for interactive use of the maps (search, links between texts and pictures, combining of layers, export function, etc.).
  • Printed atlas of the Czech history in 20th century containing historical maps in international circumstances with emphasis on hitherto unprocessed historically important and all-societally attractive themes. The collection of maps will be amended with textual and pictorial annotations, charts and depictions.

Based on an extensive literature search, archival and research work, the conception of content, methodology and technological approach will be prepared. Two main groups of historical maps will be created: the first one on the Czech history of the 20th century, the second on the Czech history from the early historical period. A demanding phase of the project will be the data preparation and the creation of compilation manuscripts of maps in cooperation of historians and cartographers, which will be followed by cartographic data processing for both printed and web maps. A workshop on theoretical and methodological problems of creation and publication of historical maps will be organized.