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The Czech Historical Atlas is a project of applied research into the national and cultural identity (NAKI II) of the Ministry of Culture, ID No. DG16P02H010, for the years 2016‒2020. It follows up cooperation between the Institute of History CAS and the Department of Geomatics at the Czech Technical University in Prague Faculty of Civil Engineering in the area of historical atlas cartography implemented within the Academic Atlas of the Czech History (2014, 2016; awarded the Magnesia Litera of 2015) and other historical geographic works. It adheres to the Research, development, and innovation Priorities 3.2 National, regional and local identity and tradition and 3.2.1 Knowledge of history as a precondition to the preservation and cultivation of national, regional and local identity, memory and tradition in the national context.

The following two major projects have been carried out within the project Electronic map portal a Printed Historical Atlas
Both the first and second map collections are supplemented with textual comments and illustrations. The project included workshops on theoretical and methodological problems connected with the creation and publication of historical maps and the team members published numerous papers and participated in specialized conferences on atlas cartography, both printed and electronic.

Electronic map portal

Electronic map portal Czech Historical Atlas on click-through dedicated to the Czech and Czechoslovak history in the international context, created as a website map application using the most advanced GIS technologies. It opens unique access to pupils and students in a way that has not been achieved in the Czech Republic so far. Electronic historical atlases accessible on the Internet are in high demand in the Czech Republic. Despite this fact, however, there were only foreign Internet atlases, which inform about the Czech and Czechoslovak history very cursorily and often distortedly and the partial historical maps by frequently non-professional authors often contain contradictory information. The Czech Historical Atlas portal presents historical sciences in the context of modern cartography, thus contributing to the preservation of national memory and the formation of historical awareness in the society.

Printed Historical Atlas

Printed Czech Historical Atlas. Chapters on the 20th-Century History, Prague 2019 . It contains historical maps with historically important and attractive themes in particular in the 20th century, deepening the contents of the Academic Atlas of the Czech History with emphasis on hitherto unprocessed issues. It presents cartographically depicted historical events still attractive to the professionals as well as non-professionals. It offers an overview of the historical developments in time and space facilitated by printed (analogue) and synthetic maps with a certain degree of stationariness, but at the same time with the benefit of stability of the printed media compared to the Internet. The basic element of the printed atlas is a map with a specialized content (Nmap) Collection of Historical Maps to the 20th-Century Czech History.


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Author Team

Behind the atlas are leading Czech and Slovak experts in historical sciences and cartography