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Population – Elections


The results of parliamentary elections in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic for the period of 1920–1998 were processed in the Czech Historical Atlas portal in the form of maps and cartograms on the basis of statistics and detailed information administered and publicized by the Czech Statistical Office on its website. They allow cross monitoring of the political situation in the Czech Lands throughout the 20th century.
In the period of the First Czechoslovak Republic, there were four elections to the National Assembly – in 1920, 1925, 1929 and 1935. Their results can be seen as a reflection of the political, economic and social (in)stability of the state. The last elections (1935) reflect a strong support to the national parties where the actual winner was the Sudeten German Party led by Konrad Henlein.
The first parliamentary elections after the Second World War in 1946 were essential, but at the same time, they were the last democratic elections for more than 40 years. Their results opened the door to the communists who assumed the power in the state under the leadership of Klement Gottwald. The 1948 elections to the National Assembly already allowed only a single candidate of the National Front or a white ballot. Until 1989, the elections had been only a formal act expressing agreement with the policy of the ruling communist party.
The first democratic elections after the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia were held in 1990 with active participation of more than twenty political subjects. The last Czechoslovak elections took place in 1992. Their results signalled the future division of Czechoslovakia into two separate units. There were two more parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic by the end of the 20th century in 1996 and 1998. The results in the 1990s showed gradual adaptation of the voters to the restored democratic political system as well as refining and maturing of their political views. The Czech political scene gradually stabilized and the traditional political parties were profiled.

Jitka Močičková

Map of Czechoslovakia with the results of the first elections to the National Assembly (1920). Private collection of Tomáš Grim. Map display


historians: Jitka Močičková, Eva Semotanová, Zlatica Zudová-Lešková
cartographers: Petra Jílková, Pavel Seemann, Zuzana Vaňková
digital atlas: Petra Jílková, Jiří Krejčí, Jitka Močičková, Eva Semotanová
team of authors


Semotanová, E. ‒ Zudová-Lešková, Z. ‒ Močičková, J. ‒ Cajthaml, J. ‒ Seemann, P. ‒ Bláha, J. D. a kol.: Český historický atlas. Kapitoly z dějin 20. století. Praha 2019.


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